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  • Are you tired of spending hours after hours exercising and getting NO results?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable working out in a gym because you’re worried about what other people think of you?
  • Have you tried every weight loss program, FAD diet, or fat loss pills and STILL haven’t lost weight?

If so, My Breakthrough Training Program Will Help You Transform Your Body and Change Your Life For The Better!

Headshots-7From: Chris Chaput
Friendswood’s Top Fat Loss Expert

Dear Friend,

You might have asked this to yourself before… “how am I going to ever lose fat, tone my body, and feel sexier and happier about my body without doing an excessive amount of work or starving myself”?

What if I told you that I CAN help you achieve your goals in half the time that it would take with any other training program out there… or it’s FREE! But you might be thinking, “How can you make such a bold guarantee?”


I DO NOT use generic fitness routines. I DO NOT just stand around with a clipboard or check out myself in the mirror all day… I DELIVER results.

Hi, My name is Chris. I am a Fat Loss Expert, certified personal trainer and the owner of Blueprint Personal Training located in Friendswood, Texas. I’ve been giving my clients amazing results since 2012.

I didn’t start off as one of the top weight loss specialists though. My journey of changing people’s lives started with my own. I used to be Fat, unhealthy and overweight. Tipping the scale at over 240 Pounds. But most of all… I was unhappy, always self-conscious about the clothes I would wear, going to the beach or even with my love life. I WAS MISERABLE! Now 70 pounds of fat off and 30 pounds of muscle in its place I’m more happy, energetic, and have a better quality of life back! And now I’m here to help good ol’ folks like you do the same!

What sets the Blueprint personal training apart from the rest is that my program is about balance, lifestyle change and RESULTS, not just trading dollars for a workout session. I’ve researched exactly what makes people plateau, get frustrated, and quit before reaching their goals. I certainly do NOT want you to struggle when there’s a proven and guaranteed way to lose weight. That’s why I designed my program to be the best in the Friendswood areas.


Introducing… Blueprint Training!

You’ll never get bored doing the same old routine and your body will rapidly respond to my 24/7 Fat Burning methods even without you being aware of it.

How does this work….?

My program will target those stubborn areas of your body using High Interval Training, Active Rests, Metabolic Stacking and Resistant Training. This revolutionary style of training will give you the coveted “After Burn” effect, kicking your metabolism into overdrive for UP TO 36 HOURS after your session ends! This means you will be burning calories even while you sleep! That’s pretty cool if I don’t say so myself. Your program will be changed regularly out of what I call the Chris’ Fit Body Toolbox. The Fit Body Toolbox is my secret to your success to ensure you see results month after month!

My program is a no fluff, no BS, Results driven style of training that will give you AMAZING results…Or it’s FREE! My program includes:

  •  Fun and diverse rapid-fat-loss training in a private or semi-private setting. 
  •  A simple-to-follow nutritional program to maximize your fat loss and body transformation. 
  •  Real take away training programs to do at home or in the gym between sessions. 
  •  Monthly fitness assessments to keep your weight loss program on track. 
  •  Unlimited email support and frequent coaching calls, something I think is one of the most important parts of my program.


Since 70% of the information you see out there about weight loss is misconceived, I’ve taken all the work for you and put it into my amazing fitness program!



Here are just some of my testimonials

Testimonial Picture of Taby Bejaran (1)
Testimonial Picture of Taby Bejaran (2)
“If you’re on the fence about training with Chris JUST DO IT!!”

Working with Chris I’ve grown so much stronger. I’ve never been able to shed fat and gain muscle at the same time. Seeing the results I’ve seen so far is definitely a motivator to keep on going.

My overall experience working with Chris has been pretty amazing.  He’s help me reach goals that I’ve set for myself. 

I would tell you if you’re on the fence about training with Chris JUST DO IT!! I promise you won’t regret it. Just look at what he’s done for me in the past few months.

Taby Bejaran
Testimonial Picture of Sara Zamora (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sara Zamora (2)
“I am a couple of pounds from reaching my [goal] weight”

Would love to take a moment to say thanks to Chris, he has inspired me to on my journey to eating healthy, and exercising. He is by far the most patient trainer I have meet, he starts of training you at your level, but then he challenges you. He means business! Love the training sessions with him. Because of his expertise I am a couple of pounds from reaching my weight, thank you and keep training!!

Sara Zamora
Testimonial Picture of Diana Ruiz (1)
Testimonial Picture of Diana Ruiz (2)
“I have lost weight, inches, and have gained muscle.”

I’m energized and happier!  I have lost weight, inches, and have gained muscle.  I’m stronger and more confident than I have ever been before. The bursitis I had on my left hip is now gone thanks to the strength training.  I also have AFIB and Chris has helped me strengthen my cardio as well.  He pushes me to limits that I didn’t even know I had. 

I highly recommend Chris.  If you’re looking for that change, don’t hesitate to make an investment on yourself.  Chris will take you on a journey that will transform your physical, mental, and emotional well being.  You will be glad you made the commitment.  It was the best commitment I have ever made for myself.  

Diana Ruiz
Testimonial Picture of Stephanie Henson (1)
Testimonial Picture of Stephanie Henson (2)
“It has only been about 2-3 months and my clothes are fitting me better than ever...”

“Health & fitness are very important to me, however, like MANY people, I struggle with self-motivation
and knowing what to do to reach my specific fitness goals.  Because of this, I had allowed myself to gain 20 pounds in only 1 year, growing out of nearly my entire wardrobe!  I knew that I was failing with any efforts of my own, so I sought out help and am so thankful that I found Chris!  I was immediately impressed with the levels of certifications he had, both in personal training & nutrition.  I am beyond pleased with how effective his workouts are, how motivating he is, and what results I’ve seen since I’ve been working with him!  Not only does he provide a personalized workout, he has helped tremendously with getting my nutrition on track and helping me to be more active at home.  It has only been about 2-3 months and my clothes are fitting me better than ever and I have so much more energy!  I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with Chris and would recommend him to anyone, no matter what your current fitness level is or what your goals are!” Stephanie Henson

Stephanie Henson
Testimonial Picture of Diana Bui (1)
Testimonial Picture of Diana Bui (2)
“I feel stronger and feel more energized”

“I had been struggling with my weight all my life and I never knew what to do to keep the weight off. I
finally turned to some personal training! My trainer Chris pushes me to the limit and I am grateful that he does because I feel stronger and feel more energized. The key is being consistent!” – Diana Bui

Diana Bui
Testimonial Picture of Alex Gonzalez (2)
“Getting personal training was a huge win for me”

Chris has been a significant reason for my renewed healthy lifestyle. I’ve been training with him for three
months and have seen my body change with just twice a week sessions. Chris has always been punctual and had a positive attitude at all of our sessions, and makes the entire process fun, while not always easy. Chris has helped plan out calorie goals to help speed the muscle gain process and is a support both in and out of the weight room. He is accessible, and open to changing schedules. Working retail means that my schedule changes weekly and he is always flexible with appointments. Chris is always ready for a fun training session, and there is always variety to our workouts. Body weight exercises, free weights, and machines are all utilized throughout the sessions. Getting personal training was a huge win for me and I am really lucky that I have Chris as my trainer!

Alex Gonzalez
Testimonial Picture of Hailey Hudson (2)
“I have gained amazing results in such little time of doing the program!”

I started the program because I wanted to become more tone and healthy. I have gained a lot of muscle and created a healthier life style by starting this program Chris always encourages me in a positive way and never lets me give up and pushes me to succeed every single session! It is totally worth the time and commitment because I have gained amazing results in such little time of doing the program!

Hailey Hudson
Testimonial Picture of Donna Overhultz (2)
“ I’ve lost 10 pounds and 5 inches from my waist!”

“I had gained over 20 pounds over a two-year period and couldn’t fit into at least half of my clothes.  I
needed something to get me motivated to lose weight and get back into shape. My twin  sister referred me to her personal trainer, Chris.  I’ve only been training with Chris for a little over one month.  I couldn’t do one single push-up on my first day, but now can do several.  I’ve lost 10 pounds and 5 inches from my waist!  I am so thrilled to be getting back into my clothes.  Chris is a great trainer who customizes your workout plan based on your personal goals.  He doesn’t allow you to give up on any exercise, constantly pushing and encouraging you to give it your all.    I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to be challenged.” – Donna

Donna Overhultz
Testimonial Picture of Ashley Mcginness (2)
“Without Chris I was struggling,”

“When I first started training for Chris, I had a specific goal set. I was training for my first Spartan Race and I needed to mostly focus on my strength. I used to play all kinds of sports but I quit and just forgot all the workouts and benefits of them. Without Chris I was struggling, however training with him I began to see results almost immediately. I am very good at pushing myself to my limits, but the moment I hit that limit or get scared I can not continue, he’s right there encouraging and motivating me. Not only is Chris a talented and very knowledgeable trainer, but he’s become a good friend. If you decide to train with this AWESOME guy, I promise it might be a struggle, but you will not look back to regret it!” – Ashley Mcginness


Ashley Mcginness
“Be prepared for your life to change!”

I have seen changes not only in my physical body, but my mental state from my work with Chris.  Chris has helped me gain an ability to do and believe things I didn’t think possible and this transcends into all aspects of my life.  It’s hard to believe that a great trainer can affect one’s ability to strive to achieve anything.

My experience to-date with Chris has been beyond category and cannot imagine not having Chris as part of my life

[If you decide to work with Chris] Be prepared for your life to change!  If you will put the work in, Chris will push you to achieve things you would/could not know possible.  Chris makes me want to be a better version of me!

Scott Watkins
“I've had many trainers in my past, Chris by far is the best.”

I’m at the highest lean muscle mass I’ve ever been and the strongest I’ve ever been. I’ve also reached the lowest body fat % since I’ve been working with Chris.

I’m super pleased with my results and where my physical fitness is currently at.

I’ve had many trainers in my past, Chris by far is the best.

Susie Orsak
“The workouts are intense, purposeful, and fun”

Chris Chaput is my personal trainer and I have been completely amazed at the results I have seen in a very short period of time. My percentage of body fat has decreased significantly and measurements show a loss of several inches overall. The workouts are intense, purposeful, and fun. Each session is a different workout, providing the variety needed to eliminate boredom. Chris is attentive to details and committed to ensuring a safe, healthy program designed for the individual needs of the client. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a positive, effective personal training experience.

Marcia Griffin


You’ll experience one of a kind workouts that are dynamic, upbeat, and short – they’ll have you looking better and feeling better.

We know not everyone’s the same, so our programs are specific to YOUR Goals, Body Type, and Life.


Here’s my personal GUARANTEE to you!

After spending almost 4 years and over 2,000 sessions helping my clients transform their bodies and their health I am confident I can do the same for you.

But since you don’t know me yet, I want to take away any fears or skepticism you may have about coming to meet with my team and I and talking about how we can customize the perfect program you’ve been searching for to help you achieve your goals.

I hope my promise to you and the best guarantee in the Friendswood Area can help you to see that we’re different… Our job is to help you succeed! And we Put ALL risk on our shoulders to prove it!

And, it’s because of our amazing track record that we can offer you this guarantee:
“If you don’t agree that your personal training experience was the most professional and best you have ever had and you can honestly say you didn’t see any result after 12 weeks then just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked!

Not only that but I will Pay your first session with another trainer!
It just doesn’t get any better than that. I sincerely look forward to helping you get in the best shape of your life and reach your weight loss goals!


AND as a special bonus to you…

You can try the Blueprint Personal Training Program absolutely free! – no payment, no obligation, no string attached. That’s how confident I am that this program will work for you.

Let’s face it, if after a full 12 weeks of working my program you don’t have fun or start to see a difference in your body, you can walk away with a full refund. But as soon as you start to see those amazing results with what my program can do for you, you will be hooked! You’ll have fun AND lose weight at the same time!

As you can see from the testimonials, the Blueprint Personal Training Program has been a huge success for many people. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping others get the body they always wanted and I want to help you, too! But I can’t do that unless you give it a try.

Don’t delay. Spots fill up quickly and I want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this amazing offer. So you MUST act fast.

 The only way you won’t succeed is by not making that call.

Don’t try another diet program only to get frustrated when you don’t see any results. If you live in the Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake or Webster area, you can get all the benefits of having the top Fat Loss Expert and personal trainer in the Friendswood Area by signing up with Blueprint personal training.

Remember, my program is guaranteed to give you the results. You’ll have all the support you need from me to succeed!

I know you’re an intelligent person and you want to finally get the body you’ve always wanted. You can leave this website and stay in the flabby body that has depressed you for so long. Or you can finally take control, lose that weight, get fit and feel great. I’d love to be the Fat Loss Expert that finally helps you succeed.

Make the right choice today,

Chris Chaput
Friendswood’s Top Fat Loss Expert.


PS. Remember, you’re under no obligation when you sign up for the Blueprint personal training program. You’ll receive a Body Diagnostic Consultation and Training Session for FREE when you call today! Space is limited, so don’t delay.

PPS. You can’t lose with this one-of-a-kind amazing offer. Not only will you see real results quickly, but you also have my personal guarantee that if you don’t lose weight in 12 weeks and start to feel fit, you’ll get a full refund! How can you lose? Tone your abs, flatten your stomach, and set yourself to be an energetic and sexy new “YOU” in just weeks!



Blueprint Personal Training primarily serves the following cities:
Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake and Webster

With customized personal training, weight loss, and nutrition program however we also serve areas in these Zip Codes:
77511, 77573, 77034