About Us


Hey I’m Chris! And I would like to, first off, congratulate you on taking a new step towards better health, a new, sexy body and a better life! Just by reading this you are already welcoming a new change- a GOOD change! And for that you have earned my upmost respect. So my name is Chris and I’m the owner and operator of Blueprint Personal Training. I came up with this company with one thing in mind…

To give good folks like you a better quality of life.

That’s what I do – I’m a life changer. You see fitness isn’t just about looking good or feeling stronger. Its about taking every area of your life and making it better. Its about having life at its full potential. That’s what fitness does! I Have seen hundreds of pounds of fat lost, arthritis cured, blood pressure meds become un necessary, raises and promotions at work do to more work production from exercise, Marriages put back together, self-esteem restored, confidence through the roof! And that’s just a fraction of the benefits. But lets talk about something… Why are you hear today? Not just that you want to lose fat or gain muscle but the real, emotional underlying reasons why you decided now’s the time for change. Is your marriage on the rocks and your spouse doesn’t look at you the same anymore? Are you tired of low self-esteem and hate the way you look in the mirror? Do you finally want to win the respect of the people in your life? Maybe you want to get off the road of poor health decisions leading you to an early grave. Whatever the reason is that your reading this right now I want to let you know something.

Together as a team we can achieve the goals necessary to eliminate these problems in your life! My training is a no fluff, no bs, results driven fitness program that sets a new standard in the fitness industry. And I back that with a “you see results or you don’t pay moneyback Guarantee!” I will even sweeten the deal and give you a FREE Body Diagnostic Consultation just to try me out and see if you’re a great fit for my training. What reason do you have not to come? None! Don’t put it off another day. No more excuses!

Call me directly at 832-270-9088 or leave me a private message

Yours in Fitness,
-Chris Chaput